West Palm Beach Pool Cleaning Service

Pool Cleaning Service

Royal Palm Beach, Breakers West, Madison Green and the surrounding areas in Palm Beach County, Florida

Our pool cleaning service is totally comprehensive. We make sure that you don't have to do anything other than continue enjoying your swimming pool. Breakers Elite Pool Care is an option for pool owners who want to have minimal involvement in their swimming pool maintenance. Our vision is to offer the most dependable and high-quality pool provider in the West Palm Beach area. Our swimming pool cleaning service is a top notch professional service that is convenient to you and allows you to relax and enjoy your pool.

Pool Cleaning

It's More Affordable Than You Might Think

Our professional pool cleaning service is the affordable way to keep your pool sparkling all year long, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! The cost of pool cleaning will vary depending on the size of your pool. We provide totally comprehensive cleaning service while remaining cost-effective. And with our emphasis on quality customer service, you can rest assured your pool cleaning will be delivered by our experienced technicians with a smile, and at an affordable price.

We have many happy customers in West Palm Beach and are fully staffed and equipped for our service area if you need service in Royal Palm Beach, Breakers West, Madison Green and the surrounding areas in Palm Beach County, Florida. We offer weekly pool cleaning service, to ensure the longevity of not only your pool but all your pool equipment as well. However, our swimming pool cleaning services can be tailored to each customer's needs. Our pool cleaning services are affordable, convenient, and performed by experts in the industry, so you can rest assured you are getting superior quality every time.

Our Pool Cleaners

What We Do

Whether you just need a test and balance or if you have a green pool nightmare, Breakers Elite Pool Care will have the services to suit your needs. Our pool technicians will check your pool water for phosphates and the content of total dissolved solids present, check water levels, test all chemicals levels in pool water and add what's needed to correct pool water balance and aid in clarity. We will net, brush, vacuum debris from the pool, empty baskets, and maintain your filter to make sure your water is always sparkling blue.

We can handle diamond brite, pebble tec, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces. We're always sure to avoid obstacles like pool toys on the bottom of the pool, steps, an anti-slip strips. We can clean any variety of different types of debris from your pool including algae, leaves, and twigs, and other particles, huge amounts of dirt and debris ranging from minute sand particles to pebbles to leaves and all the dust that can get into the pools. Rather than toil over this yourself hire the pool professionals at Breakers Elite Pool care to make sure your pool is always in tip top shape. Contact us today for a quote; our service is more affordable than you might think.